Activities and Family Activities in Cuba

Immaculate beaches and verdant hills, wildlife-rich rainforests and tumbling waterfalls, imposing mountain ranges and vibrant cities all define Cuba. Cuba is culture, nature, history, magic and traditions. The Pearl of the Antilles is the result of the blend of multiple cultures, fusion of races and customs that gave birth to one of the most unique and fascinating Caribbean destinations. Your trips to Cuba will be characterized by its people. The Cubans are imaginative, joyful, unprejudiced, show their intelligence and are friends of joking and celebrating. And talking about celebrations, now that you’re here you won’t want to miss the carnivals, charangas, the parrandas, the countryside parties and the patron saint’s days, when you’ll have the chance of tasting the typical Cuban gastronomy made of Buñuelos, Tamales and Roasted Pig, always accompanied by a good coffee, a Cuba Libre, a Daiquiri, Mojito or Piña Colada drink.

In Land Sports and Activities in Cuba

In land Sports and Activities

Unlike most Spanish-speaking countries who often favor football or soccer, Cuban sports fans lean towards North American influenced sports which means they share the United States' love...
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Land Tours in Cuba

Land Tours

What better way to experience the natural beauties of Cuba then choosing one of the many great land tours on offer. The pros to indulging on a planned tour would mainly be around the in-depth information...
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Watersports in Cuba


Cuba is a dream destination for watersports. Its pristine coastline and deep and turquoise waters are ideal for underwater recreation such as scuba diving, snorkeling, or admiring the incredible...
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